• Shaman’s Hand CD release party for SINGular mOMent

    April 4, 2009 // Comments Off on Shaman’s Hand CD release party for SINGular mOMent

    April 5 we’ll be celebrating the release of SINGular mOMent, the newest CD from Michael Emmanuel. This CD has a great collection of songs and shows Michael versatility as a writer of music for his own poetry and that of John Keats, Ode on a Grecian Urn, William Wordsworth, Daffmichael-photo-shoot-051odils and Phantom of Delight, and a verse from Alfred, Lord Tennyson’s Sir Galahad, Star-like Mingles with the Stars.

    Other songs are Buttefly, At the Door, Lifting of the Veil, Circle of Love and Sigular Moment. The song Little Angels Dust Your Wings was inspired by a poem of the same name by Canadian Rieki Master Alex Chornyj who will also be on the show.

    Join us for some beautiful music and an inspirational joyfilled time or catch the archive at your convenience.


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    Welcome to Michael Emmanuel.com

    February 15, 2009 // Comments Off on Welcome to Michael Emmanuel.com

    My thanks to Buck Bannister for creating this new site for me and my music. I’m taking a break from recording as I write his entry. I’m working on a new song called “Little Angels Dust Your Wings.”  It is inspired by the poetry of Alex Chornyj, a Reiki Master from Canada whom I met on Shaman’s Hand Blog Talk Radio. Out of the blue he called in one night and shared his poetry with us. Then I asked him to be a guest which he did twice since that first call. One michaelrecordsof the shows he guested is the most listened to show so far!

    He shared his poem about his daughters one night and I promised to write some music to it. With a little revision to make it more rhythmic I hope I have something that he will like. So far Buck likes it and says it is his favorite after Morning Sun. (wow!)

    Recording songs is a fun process. I start with guitar, usually, then add bass, (not always),next lead vocals,  then strings and other instruments and in this case possibly harmony vocals…we’ll see. I’ve added a piano track which I don’t usually use, but it sounds pretty good if I do say so myself.

    Hoping this will fit on the new CD coming out soon called “SINGular mOMent.” I have plenty of stuff for it now but I want this to get “out there” so that Alex can use it if he wants.

    Join us on Shaman’s Hand. We’re on every Sunday night 8pm MST. I never know who I might meet up with on the air. So far,  some pretty nice people!

    Here’s a little clip of one of the musical messages that we receive from Captain and Maestro Stuart Pidman and the first ever inter-galactic orchestral explorers, “The Cosmic Eye” via my mystical glowing pine cone at Shaman’s Hand:


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