• Bio

    michael_solo_pen_sketchMichael Emmanuel was born and raised in Two Rivers, WI. As a teen he played in a band which covered the rock tunes of the day. After spending some time at the University of Wisconsin– Steven’s Point he decided to look west (or rather southwest) to Arizona. His first foray into composition happened in Phoenix, AZ in the mid-70’s when he began writing light folk influenced ballads with spiritual themes.

    As his musical tastes expanded he met the renowned piano teacher and coach John Suter and began a serious study of classical piano coming full circle from his childhood love. He also began to develop his voice in the operatic style and studied with Rico Serbo and famed Bass/Baritone Giorgio Tozzi. During this time he was a highly sought classical pianist, arranger, and vocalist and appeared as soloist with several symphonies. He was also a member of the Arizona Opera.

    In 1996 he began developing material for a compilation of the received spiritual writings of John Suter. In addition to his musical talents, John was also a much loved and sought after channel in Chicago and Arizona. Over a period of some 40 years he amassed a collection of messages of love, beauty and understanding. In its original form the work was entitled the Biblical Meditations.

    Visual Artist

    In high school and college, Michael was known primarily as a visual artist. His sketches and paintings were very popular and he originally declared as an art major at UW-Steven’s Point.  Even after becoming primarily a musician, Michael continued to draw and paint. He most recent works have included beautiful geometric abstracts done in a variety of mediums.

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