• Tucson Folk Festival Recap

    May 5, 2013

    Posted in: Music

    Photo from Tucson Folk Festival

    Michael Emmanuel, Michael Santander, and Rose Todaro

    Although a hot and dry day, we had a great time at the Tucson Folk Festival on Saturday. Michael Santander, a local cellist and Rose Todaro, a local violinist, joined me for the set.The turnout was great and luckily the area we were playing was shady and had enough of a breeze to keep us cool. We did a set of seven songs from the Blake work (Available at Amazon.com). Michael joined me for two and Rose for two and we did a trio on The Little Vagabond (with some audience sing-along help).

    Here’s the recording of The Little Vagabond from the festival. Hopefully, we’ll have some video in the next week or two of the performance.

    Click above to play




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