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    Rainbow Foot Soldiers in Phoenix

    March 16, 2009 // Comments Off on Rainbow Foot Soldiers in Phoenix

    Check out the audio interviews by my friend Sandy who went to a rally with my partner Buck for Marriage Equality in Phoenix last month.


    I’ll be playing this on Shaman’s Hand Blog Talk Music Radio which “airs” every Sunday evening 8PM MST.

    This is a picture of Sandy and me at a resturant in Bisbee, AZ.

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    “Eve of Justice” Candlelight Vigil in Tucson

    March 5, 2009 // Comments Off on “Eve of Justice” Candlelight Vigil in Tucson


    In solidarity with those who were gathering in San Francisco last night on the Eve of Justice we gathered at the United Church of Christ of the Painted Hills in our new home town of Tucson, Arizona. I was honored to share some of my music which included a new song called “One Hundred Thousand in San Fransisco”, a new version of “Lifting of the Veil” and also “SINGular mOMent”.  Later towards the end of the program I led  a version of  “We Shall Overcome.”

    eve-of-justice-008editThe program was put together by my partner, Buck Bannister, the founder of Rainbow Foot Soldiers and our friend Sandy Senecal. Both of whom spoke and spoke so beautifully at the event.  John Mijac also gave a beautiful talk about the gay movement, history and myths and about his relationship with his husband, his partner of some 15 years. They were legally married in California last year and face the possibility of their marriage being revoked by the California Supreme Court in San Francisco.

    Go here for more info about this candlelight vigil.

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