• In the studio again

    February 19, 2009

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    Michael recording "Little Angels, Dust Your Wings".



    Here I am in the studio recreating a   recording   session. Hey, it’s a bedroom studio without all the nice stuff that “real” recording studio has. I’m working on Little Angels Dust Your Wings.  It’s…tada….finished!

    Earlier in the day I was looking for some CDs to record on and I found a long lost song called At the Door.  Also on the hard drive is the full version of La Belle Dame sans Merci poetry written by John Keats.

    So it’s been a full day. I came home from work with 50 CD-Rs! Hooray!

    SO aside from a few machine malfunctions (my DAT headphone jack is useless) and I broke a tape in it this evening.

    While working on this post I’ve been listening to Parazona and onlinewithandrea on Blog Talk Radio. Tomorrow I’m Andrea’s guest.


    All’s well that ends well.

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